There are times, even in polite company, when a believer can feel like the last duck left in hunting season, flapping past the blind in a bulls-eye patterned sweater.   In such circumstances, I will occasionally describe myself as a  liturgical agnostic.  Despite the apparent cheek, it’s not a joke. The phrase means something important to me … More DOUBT AND THE CREED


It is the greatest story ever told.  And you are there – not as a spectator, but a player at its very heart. Good Friday. An occasion in the Western Catholic Church when the Passion according to St John is proclaimed interactively.  As a congregant, you’re cast in multiple roles – including member of the crowd, … More GIVE ME BARABBAS!

Jamal Khashoggi and Vincent Lambert Were Executed

  On October 2, Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi national, and Washington Post contributor, walked into his country’s consulate in Istanbul. He was never seen again.             Mr Khashoggi was executed, brutally and swiftly it seems. We can’t be sure, of course, because what happened took place in secret, deep within the precincts of a fortified … More Jamal Khashoggi and Vincent Lambert Were Executed


      GRIEF Grief hollows    excavates with sparking picks     and groans of spent marl turned    tear-made mud  heaped heavy     on blistering spades      – 3/24/19


‘Cross windy-wicked, slate-sewn fields the Gaelic minstrel plies   fingers blistering on the lyre his cry soars high and clear   remembering the Wanderer’s oath, missing most, the sea. – tjk