The Creed: What Christians Profess and Why it Ought to Matter

Directed by Tim Kelleher

The NICENE CONSTANTINOPOLITAN CREED, professed by billions of Christians throughout the world, makes radical claims about the nature of reality and the identity of Jesus Christ.
What are those claims? Can they withstand contemporary scrutiny? Who should care? And, why?
In this remarkably succinct consideration, the 12 basic articles composing the Creed are examined historically, theologically, philosophically, linguistically, scientifically and culturally, in order to access more fully the treasure to which the Creed provides such a unique yet “under-utilized” key.
You are invited to join this stirring conversation, featuring an eminent group of scholars and thinkers, whose insights are the fruit of life-long study, prayer and reflection. Whether you are a student or a teacher; one struggling with questions of faith or a believer, THE CREED: What Christians Profess, and Why It Ought To Matter, offers a challenging and rewarding experience.


The Intrinsic Providence of Being

Tim Kelleher at the Patristic, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies Conference, Villanova University October 2014


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