VOCATION Deep calls out to Deep, here to there, the center, everywhere a wire strung thrumming above thundering cataracts heart grown pure groaning trembles on Spirit-wings soaring panting halted now discovering this yearning behold, the echo of its True Love, calling – 7/25/17


ROSARY (For Mom) In the stillness between beads and breaths you, at times, may catch the distant groans the yearning sighs of the unseen yoked in solitude gently drawn through index and thumb the next becomes the present bead soul-bearing seed of voices dropped deep within the soil’s dark night to open inside-out climb then … More Rosary

Urgency Interrupted

Yesterday’s white mantel is today slush shackling the dusk-hour flow Six days till Christmas things to do no time for this or to see what’s out the window to the left Traffic halts abruptly in both directions Whatever the cause it won’t do, and presently comes into view A trio of geese waddling and wide … More Urgency Interrupted

Ukraine in the Tomb

“What a difference a day makes.” That was certainly the case when, in roughly twenty-four hours, Kiev went from flashpoint for civil war to a field in which the seed of freedom had a chance, finally, to take root. Changes are following rapidly — most conspicuously, in Crimea. And while some are perilous, all are … More Ukraine in the Tomb

Crucifixion in Kiev

Politics aside, it’s hard to deny that the images beamed to the world from the opening of the Sochi Games were anything short of stunning. Of course, removing the Olympics from political context is a challenge steeper than any we’ll see in its events. And in the case of Sochi, the context is limned with … More Crucifixion in Kiev

Jim Was a Jesuit

  Jim was a Jesuit. It’s how we met: he a new, puzzle of a priest; I, a pip-squeaking wince of a novice. It was August 1978, and I declare with utter gratitude that from then on, ours experienced none of the lapses long-lived relationships often do. Jim was a Jesuit, which is to say, … More Jim Was a Jesuit


This Sabado Gigante of a primary season has seen no lack of comparisons between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler. In the literal sense intended, they are are frivolous and unhelpful. For starters, apart from vulgarized marketing, The Donald is the proverbial man without a plan, while Der Fuhrer, from Lebensraum to Final Solution, never left … More MEIN TRUMP?!