Urgency Interrupted

Yesterday’s white mantel

is today slush shackling

the dusk-hour flow

Six days till Christmas

things to do

no time for this

or to see

what’s out the window

to the left

Traffic halts abruptly

in both directions

Whatever the cause

it won’t do, and presently

comes into view

A trio of geese

waddling and wide

crossing in single file

with the haste of

Teamsters eligible for pension

The train’s caboose

the most insouciant of the three

knows exactly what

he’s doing to me

my aggravation obviously

his pleasure

Hand to horn,

about to blast him down-less

I begin to laugh instead

as he stops for one last gesture

a foot shaken in webbed defiance

Looking up I see

newborn smiles

on every driver in the scene

traffic rivals, now suddenly

partners in a gleeful secret

As we roll ahead

Christmas lights come on

or maybe have been

all along

And out the window

to my left the sight

earlier forsaken

Gulls that glide in silhouette

A polished pewter sea

The horizon and its treasure

of infinity



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